Buyer & Tenant Representation

NAI Norwood Group is Your Go-to Buyer/Tenant Lease Representative in New Hampshire

When it comes to leasing office space, retail space or industrial property in New Hampshire, NAI Norwood Group has you covered as a buyer/tenant representative. Our seasoned advisors can represent you no matter what your space or industrial requirements are and work toward giving you the best possible property or office lease arrangement for your business.

Our specialists handle every phase of finding your property – from initial comprehensive market analyses and demographic trends to trade area data. We don’t miss any details that can impact quality of life, such as drive time impact and other details.

Should I Buy or Lease? With NAI Norwood Group, the Informed Choice is Yours

NAI Norwood Group gives you the data necessary to make the best, and most-informed, business decision, including a comprehensive leave vs. purchase decision analysis that considers your tax structure and capital cost.

We take the time to place you in a space that gets you the most of your ownership or tenancy now – while taking into account your anticipated growth and future space needs. We specialize in finding the best property lease deals for your business and bringing them to you for review.

NAI Norwood Group can even help you partner with experienced industry vendors to help you in the moving and construction process to ensure a seamless transition.

Having the right representation can mean the difference between favorable lease arrangements and a costly business proposition. Professional representation is always a good idea just about any time you’re in the market for office, retail or industrial space, such as:

  • Bringing a new business on-line
  • Expanding the footprint of your current business operation
  • Moving your business to/from New Hampshire
  • Sub leasing extra property or space to generate revenue

Working with a professional New Hampshire commercial real estate expert can significantly lower your occupancy costs. The experts at NAI Norwood Group can access information about landlord and municipal incentives that others in the market don’t know about, or don’t fully investigate. It’s yet another way we work on your behalf to find – and secure – the properties that meet your specific business needs and objectives.

Choose NAI Norwood Group today to help you find the best office, retail or industrial space and lease it at the best possible price.

NAI Norwood Group is an affiliate of NAI Global, the world’s leading managed network of independently owned commercial real estate brokerage firms. Through this network of 5,000 professionals, 325 offices in 55 countries we are able to leverage our strong local experience around the world. Whether your commercial real estate needs require local expertise, or you need brokerage consulting elsewhere in the world we can accommodate you.